Friday, March 18, 2011

Zac Brown Fans.....

This past summer Pat and I, along with some friends went to see Zac Brown in concert.  It was awesome!  While we were there they were selling baby onesies and I just HAD to have one!  I was so excited when last Friday Lucy was finally able to fit into the one I bought her.  It might just be our new Friday night outfit.

Cold milk on a Friday night...

This weekend we are doing a little early celebration for my birthday with my family which I am looking forward too!  And then we are going to visit Pat's parents on Sunday.  Should be a fun weekend!  Also, we just got her 3 month baby pictures back so I will get those posted in a few days....they turned out amazing.  As usual our photographer captured some excellent pictures!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watch me grow....

To my great little girl is 3 months old!! I have been taking a picture of her each month on a huge chair we have in our living room so we can check out how much she grows.

What a tiny little baby!

This is the month I screamed my belly button right out!  Hello umbilical hernia!

So big...and much happier...even if you can't tell from this picture!

Now, the big trick will be remembering to actually take this same picture for the next 9's hoping!

And just in case you were needing a dose of Lucy smile it is! 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Guess what cute little girl FINALLY slept through the night last night?!? Yes, my sweet, sweet Lucy finally did it!

This has been a rough week because it was my first week to return to work. It broke my heart to have to leave her each day but we are both making it through this first week just fine.

Our sitter has been wonderful to her and I think all the activity each day just wears my little girl out. There are so many kids to look at and things to see. And it must have all caught up with her last night. Lucy went down at 8pm and I did a "dream feed" for her at 10pm before I headed to bed and she didn't wake up until 5:30am! I actually think she would have slept even longer but when I went in to check on her the dog came in with me too and woke her up. But she was all smiles and one happy baby!

Here are some sweet pictures of her sleeping. She loves to stick her hand in her mouth while she sleeps...silly baby! And yes....she DOES sleep on her belly during naps. I know that is a total "no-no" but she loves it and sleeps so much better. I check on her very regularly....promise!

Happy baby!