Friday, June 22, 2012

Keepin' It Real Fridays

For Father's Day I had seen this cute idea floating around Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it with Lucy.  Have you seen this picture?  I mean seriously, how easy does that look?  And so sweet!

So I borrowed a small chalk board from my sister-in-law and then headed to my mom's house so she could help.  I knew it might be a bit of a struggle as Lucy isn't always great at picture taking, but I had no idea what a disaster it would be!

The first fail was from me.  Instead of starting every phrase with YOU like the Pinterest photo does, I started it with HE.  Apparently my brain was fried before we even got started.  Then the picture taking started.  Or rather, we tried to start it but Lucy would have no part.  Every time I gave her the sign to hold she either refused to grab it, or if she did grab it she would then promptly throw it down and say, "No".  I tried leaning the sign against her but then she wouldn't look at the camera.  We even then resorted to writing on a basketball thinking she would certainly hold that since she LOVES balls.  Wrong.  Then we wrote on a rock.  All she wanted to do then was try and lift the rock.  I finally joined in the action and thought maybe I could hold both she and the sign.  Wrong again.  Anytime my mom would even think about taking a picture Lucy snapped her head around so you couldn't see her face.  If you think I am exaggerating how terrible my great idea is a little sneak peak:

This was probably one of the best ones, had my arms not been in the way....
Lucy saying No and handing the chalkboard back

Hmmm...maybe if she didn't look so startled!
Yep....let's pick up the rock!  Look at that determination :)
I was thinking this one would work if she would just look up....
....and then she tossed the ball and was pretty proud of herself!
Looking away from the camera
Squawking like a bird
Still not looking at the camera
This is a photo if there ever was one....she's licking a pine cone and I am clearly not loving it!
Time to throw toss in the towel.....

Even though none of the pictures really turned out, my mom was able to snap a really cute one at the end.

When it was all said and done I scrapped the whole idea and just printed this picture below and put it in a frame that said Daddy's Girl.  I also got him a case of Sam Adams Summer Style beers and called it a day.

Father's Day turned out to be a not so great day at our house anyways due to everything going on....but you can't be upset for too long with that cute smiling face staring at you!  Hopefully your Father's Day crafts included less headache....and possibly a cocktail or two :)

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