Friday, May 20, 2011

Sittin' Pretty

Guess what cutie baby is starting to sit up by herself?!?  Yes, Miss Lucy was working on mastering her sitting skills the other night and I snapped a few quick picture.  Mind you this was nearly 9pm at night and she did NOT want to go to bed just yet. 

Anyways she did a great job!  She weebbled and wobbled all over the place and while she did fall over she did manage to catch and correct herself a few times too.

And, we are pretty sure she is about a month away from crawling.  Every time I put her on the floor she immediately flips herself over to her belly and starts flailing her arms and legs everywhere.  She wants to be on the move sooo bad!

Pat and I just shake our heads in amazement that our baby is growing up so fast.  Slow down baby!!
Just a little help from mom....

And now all on my own!

Moms cell phone is pretty cool!!!

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