Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Music is something my soul requires.  It is almost a basic need for me.  I have various sets of songs I listen to when times are tough, when times are fun or just when I need to unwind.  I love that music has this magical quality to transport you back to a place in time with images so vivid you can't believe it's been years since the moment actually occurred.  Music is powerful that way.

As you will see I have a distinct love for melancholy music.  There's just something about their haunting lyrics and sound that touch my soul.

Recently I have become mildly obsessed with several different songs that I thought I would share.  You may have heard of them already, but I love it when I run across a new and great song and so maybe some of my favorites will in turn become some of yours.  And even more important, hopefully they can serve as a reminder to a time in your life!

First up...one of my absolute favorites, The Bahamas- Lost in the Light.  I heard this on a blog a few months back.  She has this ongoing series on Dating Her Husband and she decided to film one evening of making dinner and getting ready for their date.  I probably watched the video 10 times and then downloaded the song and practically lived on it for a week straight.  Plus I love the quote at the top of her blog post. "Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired" It's beautiful song.

Next up, The Lumineers.  I love them!  My favorites are the now mainstreamed Ho Hey and also the lesser know (I think) Stubborn Love.

I am also jumping on the Mumford and Sons bandwagon.  My new fav, I Will Wait.  I almost cry every time I hear it because I love it so much.

There was a movie made a few years ago called Shall We Dance and it quickly became one of my favorite movies.  There is a beautiful scene at the end and the whole time Peter Gabrial's song The Book of Love is playing.  I cry every single time. The movie with the music moves me in such a way every single time.

Another soundtrack fav is Give Into Me from the movie Country Strong.  I just picture slow dancing in the kitchen lit only with candles every time I hear it.

I of course have many more favorites...but these are at the top of my list for right now.  Perfect for cold, wintery nights and soaking in a bubble bath!

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