Thursday, August 16, 2012

The shirt off her back....

Lucy loves babies.  Like, LOVES them.  When we get to daycare each morning she can usually hear a baby crying down the hall and gets all upset and starting saying, "Baby! Baby!".  And she notices babies the store, on tv, on the side of the Pampers box, everywhere.  She even still calls herself a baby.  Anytime I have my camera out she immediatly wants to see the "baby" in the camera.  My iPhone has this feature where you can reverse the camera so you can watch yourself while you record yourself.  Lucy loves this.  She points to Mama and Baby, waves and says Hi and blows the baby (her) a kiss.  It's pretty adorable!

So because she has been so interested I decided to drag out one of MY old baby dolls.  It's a pretty realistic looking baby with the perk of looking real, but being able to take all the abuse my toddler inflicts.  Not that Lucy tries to be mean.  Just the opposite really.  She will pick Baby up (very creative name, I know) and sqeeeeeeeze and hug and kiss her.  She will even pat her little butt.  But then as soon as she sees the dog laying on her blankie or wants a drink of water or just simply gets bored -THUMP the baby is tossed on the floor. 

But for the most part, she really does try to take care of Baby.  I came out of our room one day to see her hovering over Baby and putting her paci in Baby's mouth.  This is a huge step in sharing for if you know my child you know that she basically loves her paci more than anything else.  Other times she will get her little picnic set out and set everything up and then start feeding Baby and giving her sips of water.  All complete with sound effects. 

Lately she has been very interested in taking Baby's (and her own) clothes off.  Last night after dinner she was struggling to take off Baby's clothes.  So I sat down and helped her.  Once Baby's clothes were off she went to work taking her shirt off.  At first I thought she just wanted to be naked like Baby.  But then, to my surprise, as soon as she got her own shirt off she started trying to put it on Baby.  I asked Lucy if she wanted Baby to wear her shirt and she nodded yes!  I laughed as I hugged and kissed my sweet girl who is learning to be the kind of kid who will literally give you the shirt off her own back. 

Of course, until she wants it back :)  She is only 1.

Feeding Baby while vising her Grandparents
Trying to get Baby's clothes off
There you go Baby!

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