Thursday, October 25, 2012

Be Still......


For me, there is just something about that cup of coffee each morning.  Usually I sneak my first cup in (leftover from the day before and nuked in the microwave) while I am making breakfast each morning. I move quietly but quickly around the kitchen scrambling the eggs, packing lunches and taking care of dishes.  A new pot of coffee is gurgling in the background and the inviting smell of coffee beans fills the air.  Some days I remember my coffee and get to enjoy it nice and hot, while others I am in too much of a hurried state and am startled when the cold coffee hits my lips.

I used to drink my coffee full of sugar and cream.  And then for awhile I just drank it black.  But there was just something so lovely and inviting about the way a cup of coffee looked with just a splash of cream, that I just couldn't resist it anymore.  It's warm and cozy and it soothes my soul.

The mornings are dark here now and I have been feeling the nudge to rise earlier which is such a bizarre notion for me as I usually long to sleep in.  But I feel like my days are so rushed and busy and full of noise that I need to find time for quiet.  Time for me.  Time to just be still.

Pat and I are part of a Lifegroup at our church and last year we talked about how the world is now so full of noise that it's hard to listen.  And that most of the time our prayers to God include requests or probably more accuratly, just telling Him how we would like our lives to play out.  "God, we are ready for that baby so if you could just make that happen that would be great!"  "God, I'm gonna go ahead and take that new job ok?  Just make sure it all works out for us."  "God, we really want this new house so if you have a sec, could you make sure we get it?"  We are always  talking, talking, talking.  But when do we ever just listen?  When are we ever still?

God tells us "Be still and know that I am God".  He wants us to listen.  He wants a connection.  He wants that closeness with us.

So I think this girl who loves to sleep is going to attempt to be an early riser. To have that warm cup of coffee in a quiet and sleepy house.   To be still.  And to listen. 

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  1. I absolutely agree and have always loved to sit in the quiet, and yes, the dark mornings, with my cup of coffee. It is a great way to listen and talk to God, reflect, and plan your day ahead.