Monday, October 1, 2012

Snake goes in the potty

So I know it's coming.  And I know I should be happy about it and proud or something.  But truthfully.....I want to just lie down and take a nap even thinking about it.  Yes, yes, I'm talking about potty training.  Ugh...makes me tired even typing about it.

I'm sure you get what is happening here....Lucy has become VERY interested in the potty and I know that is a good sign.  However, she only seems to be interested when we are running late and trying to get out the door on time.  She can go hours without even remembering we have a potty in the house and then suddenly its time to put on our shoes and coat and go bye-bye and she starts running around 'Potty!  Potty!  I do it!  Potty!' all while pulling her pants off and attempting to climb right into the toilet.

Ahhh the toilet. Along with potty training and all that entails, the toilet itself brings it's own set of problems.  So here's the thing and I'm going to be completely honest here--I am not a great housewife.  And when I say that, what I really mean is I hate to clean.  Totally not a fan.  There are way more fun things to do in the world besides scrubbing toilets and showers. But now that my daughter is trying to get all waist-deep in our toilet, not only do I need to make time to supervise, I better get my butt in gear and actually clean the sucker because apparently one year olds aren't aware that toilets are yucky places and she probably doesn't want to be touching it all over the place.

Lucy's potty preference really consists of taking off pants and diaper (which she insists on doing herself) and then me sitting her on the potty.  She will sit there for about 1.5 seconds and declare "All done!".  Then we battle for one full minute on how much toilet paper she can use when she didn't potty at all.  She normally wins and 3 yards of toilet paper end up in the potty.  Then she likes to flush, by herself again.  And spray.  And then wash hands for 10 minutes straight.  Don't even think about cutting hand washing time short either.....she is prepared to throw a full on tantrum.

We did buy her a small training potty which occasionally she shows some interest in, but like any strong-willed toddler, she wants to do everything how the big people do them.  But keep in mind that while we may spend lots of time talking about the potty, we are yet to actually "potty" on the potty.  And really, I'm not pushing it or working with her on it yet because she is still only 1 and conceptually, I'm not sure she "gets" it all yet when it comes to the potty.  We are making some progress however as she will notify us (only sometimes) when she has a poopy diaper.  She will run up to us and point to her bottom and say "Poop.  Butt.  Stinky" and then demand she take the diaper off herself so she can help.  Yes, that totally "helps" when she takes off her own poopy diaper :)

One day I decided to show her where the poopy goes so that she might make the potty connection.  So we took the diaper into the bathroom and as I was shaking her poopy into the toilet I thought, "wow....that's a LOT of poopy".  And I was right.  We had to get Pat to use the plunger and unclog the toilet.  So ya, basically my daughter clogged up the toilet.  And we have refrained from putting anymore diaper poopys in the potty since then.

We have had some pretty humorous potty moments however. This past Saturday morning I was heading to take a shower and when I walked by Lucy I spelled the familiar aroma in the air and told Pat she would need a new diaper soon!  I was in the middle of my shower when Pat came racing in to tell me he looked over at Lucy and saw her naked from the waist down, walking around holding her poopy diaper.  He was freaking out, but I'm pretty sure I have never laughed so hard!
While I feel we are getting close on understand poop goes in the potty, I often wonder how to explain that tinkle goes in the potty too.  We have made "ssssss" noises while she has been on the potty before and run water at various times to sort of encourage the process but so far nothing has really clicked.  Until a few weeks ago when she kept pointing to her little potty and shouting "Snake! Snake! Snake!"  Honestly I just through she was making stuff up and sort of ignored her and walked out of the bathroom so I could continue getting ready.  But as I heard her continue to shout I figured I better check out the situation again.  As I walked back into the bathroom she shouted "Snake" one more time and then lifted the lid, sat down and said "sssssssss".  Hmm....making we are making progress after all :)

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