Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things are lookin' up!

I feel like the sun is starting to shine again and the air is beginning to clear.  I am ready to move forward and feel so at peace with that.  I will never forget our lost babies....but it's time to move on.  And God has provided the most amazing reasons to move forward.  First up is the awesome Influence Conference, just days away!  I can't even believe it's coming up so fast!  Sure I'm nervous, but the closer I get, the more excited I am!  I can't wait to meet all these amazing women and join together!  I am going to miss my little family like none other...but truth be told...I am so looking forward to sleeping through the night!  Lucy was doing so good with her sleeping and then she flipped the switch on us and is up multiple times again.  We tried bringing her to our room to sleep on the floor and she is hysterical and the only place she calms down is our bed.  So I've been sleeping with a head buried in my back and Pat has been kicked all week long.  Awesome-sauce!  And yes...I am fully aware she shouldn't be in our bed and we are aggravating the problem....but alas, I am terrible at the whole "cry-it-out" thing and when she is sobbing to the point of almost not breathing and has red blotches on her face, yeah, I'm gonna let the poor kid sleep with her mama and daddy.  And at 2am...I'm in no mood to battle a toddler :)

The second awesome thing I mention in the last post is that I have received my materials and started early classes at IIN!  It's fantastic!  And amazing!  And revolutionary!  And just what I needed.  I can't stop thinking about what I am learning and am so excited to share all this info with others and help others.  I feel like this is my own little personal miracle that it worked out for me to attend the school right at this time.  Once again...God is in the details.

I have so much to be thankful for and grateful for!  I am opening my eyes and looking at my life differently with new appreciation.  It's easy to say those things...but sometimes it can be hard to feel them.  And right now...I truly do feel them!

Something I have been thinking about for the past few weeks is this little blog of mine.  It started out as a food blog because I LOVE food, and always will.  But then, I had a baby, and things changed.  It sort of became a baby blog.  And then it sort of became neglected because working full-time and being a mommy and a wife leave a person pretty drained.  Thankfully that season passed and I am feeling more like blogging again.  But I am struggling with my name.....I'm not really a food blog all the time and I love sharing baby and family and life stories.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but I am thinking in a few months this little blog could/should be getting a facelift of sorts.  And I bet I get LOTS of ideas this coming weekend :)

I don't have any recipes to share today, but I do have a recent favorite picture to share.  My mom snapped this a few weekends ago because Lucy needed a family photo for daycare and we didn't have any recent ones of all three of us.  It was pretty exhausting getting her to sit and smile, but we finally (amazingly!) managed a pretty great one.  Oh, how I will miss those two this weekend....but I am so looking forward to this conference!  See all you Influencers soon!!!!

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