Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Lots of catching up to do this week!  Next up, a Christmas recap :)

Christmas this year was busy but wonderful.  We started out Christmas Eve morning with a visit from my dad dropping by so we could celebrate.  We had a yummy breakfast quiche and then opened gifts.  Lucy was so excited about her gifts and had a great time with Grampa Scott!

Opening presents!

Look at all this fun food!

Crafting with Daddy

Christmas Eve night we headed out to my mom and Craig's house for another Christmas gathering.  We had a yummy fish fry and hung out with the Unc, Abby, Kendra, Kendra's friend Nate, Papa and a sick Grammy.  We were all glad that Grammy was feeling just good enough for us to still come and visit!  It ended up being a really fun night and Lucy loved her tunnel tent she got!  We also had a ton of fun with a super crazy gift from my mom.  She got each of us our own Moo Popper.  I don't have any pictures of the actual war that was waged, but let me tell you it was hysterical!  Below is a quick video of what it is.  So fun!

Opening her tent!

And then it was time for our very own family Christmas.  Lucy woke up around 7am and I quickly headed out and plugged in the Christmas light and started the fireplace.  Lucy walked out and was surprised by all the presents under the tree.

Here she is probably telling me it's dark out...her favorite thing to point out! :)

Yay!  A new chair!

Lucy had gotten sick with an ear infection a few days before Christmas and was still a little punky on Christmas morning which quickly turned into a bit grouchy and whiney.  So......although it was a lovely morning...we are hoping she is her usual perky self next Christmas :)

Then we were off to visit our Knox family for the day.  Lucy actually perked up there and even let some of the cousins hold her and play with her which is a huge step! :)

Trying to get a picture with all the little cousins!

Lucy makes fast friends with anyone willing to share their phone with her :)

Family picture with the Knox clan!
Being silly!
Then we headed home and crashed in the basement for a few hours.  Lucy ran around and played with her new toys and Pat and I just vegged out and watched the best Christmas movie ever....National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!!!

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