Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple things....

It's like feast or famine around here isn't it?!?  I will go days/weeks without posting a thing and then suddenly, boom-boom-boom I have so much to share with you all!  Actually the truth is I always have so much to's just finding the time to do it :)

Anyways on Monday I just had one of the most lovely days.  Actually the entire weekend was nearly perfect!  A day-date with Pat on Saturday, a whole day to myself on Sunday (Pat and Lucy headed up to MI for the day) and then a sweet day with my little girl and my mom.  AND, it was Inauguration Day!  I love Inauguration day and was so happy to be home and able to have the tv on in the background all day and keep and eye on the coverage.  Plus, Beyonce was there, whom I adore.  So much that once Lucy got up from her nap that afternoon we had ourselves a little dance party as I put in my Beyonce concert DVD.  I was filled to the brim with joy as my little girl and I busted a move all over the living room.  The fireplace was on.  The snow was gently falling.  And there was my hilarious kid throwing her hands up in the air to "Single Ladies".  It was one of those moments where I chose to be aware and ever so grateful for the life that God has given me.

But before the dancing and before the nap, my mom had come over for the day.  We ate a yummy lunch together and then Lucy played while my mom helped me brainstorm ideas for my health coaching business.  Lucy requested Grammy be the one to rock her before her nap and once she was asleep my mom and I enjoyed a great conversation over hot cups of tea.

It was just one of those perfect days.  It didn't go by too fast or too slow and it was full of simple moments that make me so happy to have been home to enjoy.  Days like that don't come around very often...but when they do I always want to make sure I fully embrace and enjoy the moment.

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