Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lucy turns 2!

So much catching up to do!  Turns out our sweet little girl turned 2 about a month ago.  How did that even happen!?!  She makes us laugh on a daily basis and says the sweetest and funniest things!  As we all know, she has been on the slow side of things in terms of hair growth.  Poor kid gets that from her mama! :)  She has recently hit a growth spurt for her hair and it seems everyone, including Lucy is noticing.  Many family members in addition to Pat and I have taken the time to stroke her thin and wispy hair and tell her how much hair she is getting and that it is growing!  So of course the other morning Lucy comes up to me and holds my face her in hands and says, "Mommy, wook at me.  Your hair is reawy growing!"

She is also quite the chatty Cathy!  We often hear her just talking to herself or repeating anything we say to her.  And in addition to chatting, she loves to sing.  She sings her ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Jingle Bells, Jesus Loves Me, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider and a few daycare fav's, Are We Ready?, and Clean Up Everybody.  Sometimes she will even make up her own words to songs.  The other day she starting singing Jesus Loves Me, but tweaked the lyrics a bit and was singing, "Yes, Jesus loves Grandma Cindy.  Yes, Jesus loves Grandma Cindy......"  It was hilarious!

She was pretty into her birthday this year and was excited to have a day (or a few) for just celebrating her!  Here is a sneak at some of her birthday moments!

Waking up to balloons all over!

Streamers on the door were a big hit!
Favorite dinner?  Pumpkin pancakes and eggs!  Yum!
Sweet birthday girl!
My little love!
SO excited to see Daddy bring the presents in!
Notice her babies on her blankie....we can't go anywhere without babies!
Yay, a baby stroller :)
Celebrating with Grammy and Papa

Stylin' in her new vest
Happy birthday sweet girl!
I know there is all the talk about Terrible Two's, but so far Pat and I love this age.  Sure she has her moments of screaming and throwing herself on the floor when she doesn't get her way, but for the most part she is a hilarious, beautiful, sweet, smart little girl.  Our sweet baby is growing up way too fast, but we are loving every single moment with her!  Looking forward to another great year with our favorite kid :)

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