Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This past Sunday was Mother's Day...and what a fantastic day it was!  Pat had wanted to make me breakfast in bed....but I really LOVE to make breakfast so I asked him if it would be ok if we all cooked together as I had been wanting to try to make my own challah bread for french toast.  He was of course on board!

So Saturday afternoon I spent some quiet time by myself working on this bread.  I was mostly excited as I was able to use my fancy mixer I got for Christmas!  The challah was fairly easy to assemble and had several rises, which gave us just enough time to try out the new pizza place in town for dinner on Saturday night!  When we got home Pat put Lucy to bed and I finished baking off my bread.  I think it turned out pretty good...and it tastes even better than it looks!  You can find the recipe here.

On Sunday morning I was able to sleep in which was wonderful and Pat had a pot of coffee hot and ready when I finally woke up!  Then we all went to work on our yummy breakfast of Challah French Toast and a Mushroom and Scallion Frittata. 

I recently had Lucy help me make pizza for dinner one night and ever since then if she sees me doing anything remotely close to cooking she has to "Elp".  She drags a chair that she stands on all the way over to the counter and repeatedly requests "Up-a"  "Up-a".  I'm not sure how a one syllable word became two...but it's adorable when she says it!  And while everything takes a LOT longer with her help, I just flat out love it :)

Trying to get into the yummy vanilla beans!

Mixing up the eggs, milk and vanilla
"I do it"
Yummy Goodness!
Real life:  Lucy screamed and refused to sit in her high chair...so Pat is holding her.  See her tray on the table and her fork in hand???  Silly girl!
My wonderful birdhouse made by Pat and Lucy!

I loved the birdhouse that Pat and Lucy made for me!  I knew he was working on something special as he had asked me not to go down in the basement.  Saturday afternoon he took Lucy down with him so she could help.  I couldn't help but laugh as the entire time she was down there I could hear her screaming and throwing a fit!  When he finally brought her back up he looked exhausted and said, "That was a lot harder than I thought it would be!"

Screaming or not....it turned out great!

Thanks for a great Mother's Day! I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband and the sweetest, albeit opinionated, little girl who made me a mama :)

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