Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

Well, I don't know what to say except that I am back.  I think :)  It's not like I forgot I had a blog.  Quite the opposite really.  I think about it often.  I would contemplate what I would blog about, what pictures to include and what title each post would have.  And then life is just busy.  It's mostly a great sort of busy.  But still, busy.

Anyways I'm stopping in to let you all know I am here.  I am alive.  And I am great!  Just, you know, busy :)  So, here is an update in pictures if you will.  Since I last posted we dressed Lucy up for Halloween, we moved, had Lucy's FIRST birthday, celebrated Christmas, enjoyed sledding with Lucy for the first time, went on a few date nights with my hubby and made LOTS of meals.  I suppose I should also mention that after the first of the year I eliminated meat from my (mostly our) diets.  I still eat eggs and seafood and dairy.  But have cut out meat.  And I am really enjoying it.  I have been reading too many things about meat and feel this is a great decision for our family. 

But that is an entirely different topic that deserves its very own post...and then some :)

So here we go....

Our little Moo-Cow for Halloween :)
So cute!
Birthday morning!  Balloons on the floor!
She loved the ball pit we got her for her birthday!
Opening presents at her party!
Singing Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!
Christmas Morning
Opening presents with Roxy :)
Lucy was not impressed with sledding, but Pat and I had fun :)
Helping Daddy sweep the drive
Playing in our big open yard!
Easter morning with Dada!
Me and my sweet girl!
Easter morning before church
Playing with her lego's.  She loves to stack them high and then clap for herself!  So funny!
I plan to get back on my game with blog posts as there is so much to chat about!  Hope everyone is having a great week and I'll be back with new posts soon!!! :)

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